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With several years of hands on experience in the solar industry, Acculec specialises in professional solar solutions. Nationally and Internationally for Retailers and Installers.

How Solar works

The energy from the Sun captured by solar panels is converted by the inverter into electricity used by homeowners. The result is clean, more cost effective electricity than traditional methods of utility companies.

Is Solar financially feasible?

The simple answer to this is most definitely. With electricity tariffs increasing exponentially, as it has in the past few years, it will continue to do so – not to mention the unpredictable supply.


We Offer

All of your solar energy panels to lights and inverter supplies under one roof! Acculec offers competitive prices on solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting and monitoring solutions in Central South Africa.

We only sell to Resellers & Installers. But we can definitely recommend trusted accredited solar installers to assist you.

Trusted Partners

Solar Panels

Suppliers of Solar panels including monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels.


Suppliers of batteries for commercial and residential applications.


We offer a wide range of inverter solutions for home and office.


Freuqently Asked Questions

What is renewable energy?

A renewable energy source means energy that is sustainable something that can’t run out of is endless, like the sun. When you hear the term ‘alternative energy’ it’s usually referring to renewable energy sources too. It means sources of energy that are alternative to the most commonly used non-sustainable sourses –  like coal.

Is it expensive to make the switch from traditional method to solar energy?

Many agree more renewable energy is indeed worth striving for. But there are barriers stopping more renewable energy from being produced. One of those major barriers is cost! On average it cost about R60 000 for a residential home to convert to solar and it is not getting cheaper. In SA it’s not just the pay back return on your solar generating plant were you save money that makes sense but the reliability! In S.A we have an average of 600 hours of load shedding per year where on most instances we are on pre-paid electricity and we pay for our electricity in advance then we don’t have the guarantee of even having that power.

Will my solar system still produce electricity when it’s cloudy?

The simple answer is that solar panels do work on cloudy days – they just do not perform as well as they would on a bright sunny day. Though estimates range, solar panels will generate about 10-25% of their normal power output on a cloudy day. It would be accurate to say that solar panels do not work as well in rainy of cloudy weather. Most areas in S.A average more than 2500 hours of sunshine per year that is why solar energy is so ideal compared to other countries.

What kind of savings can be expected by converting to renewable energy?

Depending on the type of energy you use for your house currently, prices may fluctuate wildly throughout the year depending on several factors. In many ways, your solar power system is a financial product – one that is capable of generating annual returns ranging anywhere from 10% to more than 30%. The avarage Energy Sage shopper pays off their solar purchase in just seven to eight years and earns a strong solar ROI, receiving free electricity for the remainder of their solar panel system’s 25+ year lifespan.

What about my utility company?

Your utility company will still charge you for usage of national grid electricity, unless you opt to go completely off-grid. Rates and taxes are still applicable though.

How will installing solar affect my current utility bill?

Your utility bill will decrease proportionately to your consumption.

What happens when my solar system produces more energy than I need?

Grid tie solar systems can export energy back to the grid if you generate more energy than what you consume. The possibility to receive payment on this excess energy is on the table.

How long will it take before my solar system is installed and turned on?

The time to install your system will depend on the size and type of system required.

How important is the condition of my roof in order to go solar?

Your roof condition is very important and we recommend a full inspection before installing panels.

How long will the panels produce electricity?

Depending on the manufacturer, solar panels have linear output warranty of +-25 Years.

We thrive towards a greener South Africa through capitalizing on resources and protecting the environment.

Acculec was established in 2019 by 3 partners with over 30 years combined experience in the electrical trade and as we are all qualified, we strive to provide permanent solutions to our vendors and client’s electrical needs.

Over the years we have seen how technology has evolved and it is of great importance to stay on top of the game.   We decided to build a brand that other companies can rely on for personal and fast service; we did this by staying current (no pun intended 😉) and using the latest products available.


Our mission is to redefine the distribution process by bringing products with technical standby to our vendors and resellers so they don’t have to know everything except to know us. We want to create a demand for products, especially in the solar and automation line, through saving our clients’ time and money by our delivery of products and support.


We want to become a known brand that can service our clients by using a wide range of products. We want to deliver the best after sale’s service to ensure our clients come back to us for their next project. We want to be hands on and going the extra mile for our clients from the day they come to us with their issue till the day we help them flip the switch to see the products at work.


We all are passionate to grow a brand & ensure we take the company to the next level by creating effective reward returns and specials as the market develops needs in certain areas. Be there for our clients providing timely response and after sale’s service. Where there is a need, there is a solution waiting to be found.  Let our sunny experts blow you away with their service!


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